Sometimes life just seems too much. Or too little.

We all have times when we feel distressed or uncertain about our day to day lives. We may be trying to cope with a substantial life change, we may be struggling to live with our past or we may just feel lost. Talking with someone who is there to listen with empathy and compassion – and without judgment – can help to bring clarity and a way forward.

As an experienced person-centred, integrative counsellor I can offer a safe space to explore the challenges you are facing. My approach is totally focused on your experience – together we can explore what might be holding you back from being your authentic, fulfilled self.

Sessions can be held in person in South Birmingham, online or over the phone. They can be short or long term. Together we can work out what is best for you right here, right now. Whatever path you choose – I hope that I can help you create space in your life to live a better one. To be able to live in a wider world.



Face to Face


Walk and Talk

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Keeping a journal can be a way in which to give yourself space to externalise and reflect on thoughts, feelings and emotions. In some ways it offers a similar outlet to talking therapy – but without the benefit of the therapeutic relationship. It’s just you and a blank sheet of ...
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“I have felt so understood, I have not feared being judged and I have comfortable to open up to you, thank you for creating that space"

“It’s made me have a vision and work on what I want now. Your techniques and being heard was what I needed”