Keeping a journal can be a way in which to give yourself space to externalise and reflect on thoughts, feelings and emotions.

In some ways it offers a similar outlet to talking therapy – but without the benefit of the therapeutic relationship. It’s just you and a blank sheet of paper.

Being able to find time in your day to spend even just a few moments writing about the things that are swirling around in your head can help to give them a space of their own. It can pin them down. Sometimes this can lead to a resolution. At other times it is simply getting things out of your head.

For me the key is to write freely, openly and without judgement.

In my personal journal I say what I want and let it flow naturally. My audience is just me, myself and I. My private journal is usually written in the morning and is part of my morning ritual. Along with a cup of coffee – and in an ideal world a sunrise – it gives me the chance to reflect on how I feel upon waking. Are there things hanging over from the day before that need to be addressed? Have I slept badly and feel that I need to re-set my intentions for the day before it begins? Have I rested well and feel full of optimism about what adventures lie ahead?

This journal section of my website is something different. I hope that it will become somewhere I can reflect on what has happened during the cycle of a month. I hope that it will offer some ideas about the way that I work therapeutically. I hope that sometimes it might be of interest to someone other than me, myself and I!
Watch this space…